Buy Corporate Gifts

Changing the corporate gifting world, one gift at a time…

Buy Corporate Gifts is the first online gifting business that is taking a stance against the excessive use of plastics in the corporate gifting world.

Most corporate gifting companies buy products from a small selection of suppliers that mostly import their gifts and products. A large percentage of these gifts are plastic based.

South African made gifts.

Buy Corporate Gifts only offers South African made gifts that are as far as possible environmentally friendly and made by individuals and small companies.

Supporting South African entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Buy Corporate Gifts is doing ground breaking work in supporting South African entrepreneurs and small businesses in promoting and selling their products through the Buy Corporate Gifts website. This is a private business initiative and not sponsored by any government department or organisation.

To show that you consider the environment and want to help South African businesses, drop us an email and we will send you a bio on the selected entrepreneur and a short list of products that is currently available. Some products may only be of a limited production run and may not be repeated in the future.

The gifts are unique.

As most of the gifts are hand made, they may have differences and may not be uniform in design.

Show me the gifts.

No products will be displayed on the website and gifts are only accessible via the reply email we send to you.

Buy Corporate Gifts

Proudly supporting South African entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We ship the gifts around the world.